Hutton Buscel
Handing over the baton! As I step down as Churchwarden and Hon. Treasurer of St. Matthew’s, I should like to extend my gratitude to all those who have helped me and supported me during the past seven years (as Treasurer) and two years (as Churchwarden) – the PCC past and present; John Thompson (former Treasurer); Terry Cartlidge who seems to manage effortlessly and with good humour to run together a very responsible and demanding job with the vital role of organist to several of our churches; Sam Pearson for keeping the churchyard trimmed and clipped; Brenda Little and Denise Holtby for providing the much enjoyed post service victuals, all those who have read or led our intercessions; the ‘flower team’, Beryl Lowson for her daily unlocking and relocking of the church, and of course, our Vicar, Stuart and his team of clergy.

In particular, I should like to make special mention of Shirley Cooke, who treads a regular path to and from the church in her almost daily attention to duty making sure that the heating is working and programmed for the next service, that there is enough oil, that supplies of wine, hosts and candles are plentiful, that altar cloths are changed, and in general, making sure that the church is prepared for worship.
Without her, the job of Churchwarden would be far more onerous. My good wishes go to the new team:

Churchwardens, David Knowelden and
Beverley Waldie, and Hon.Treasurer,
Malcolm Hewitt. I wish them every
success in office.

Neil Gardner


From the Editor . .
I’m sure everyone at St Matthew’s joins
me in wishing Neil a well earned
‘retirement’. He has done a remarkable
job at keeping us on an even keel
through some stormy weather!! Thank
you on behalf of the PCC and

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