At the last Deanery Synod, we decided to develop our plans for
the Deanery by holding an Action Day in which Deanery Action
Groups would be established to further Christian work and
witness in our Deanery.
The Action Day will be held at Middleton Village Hall on Saturday,
13 February starting at 11 am and finishing around 3 pm. Lunch
will be provided. There will be a contribution plate to help defray
Your Standing Committee considers that the following Action
Groups should be established and that the meeting should
determine their membership and initial activities.
Justice. Engaging actively in issues of social justice (eg poverty
alleviation, help for asylum seekers etc)
Worship. Creating and engaging in innovative and exciting
worship (including music and the arts)
Telling Story. Reaching out and communicating the Christian
message to all ages and faith or non faith groups.
Media and Communications. Developing the Deanery
newsletter and web presence and using the media more to
advertise and report on our work and events.
Social. Developing our social life – having fun together.
We seek your active involvement. Indeed we also seek the active
involvement of those not on Deanery Synod but who have the
enthusiasm and energy to get involved in God’s work. Please let
me know either by post, telephone or email whether you will be
attending and, if so, which Action Group you particularly favour.
Also, we would be grateful if you could encourage non-Synod
members to join us and also let me know if they will come and
what group they would prefer.
These are exciting times for our Diocese and Deanery. Our
Archbishop on his pilgrimage is setting an excellent evangelistic
and prayerful example to us all and we look forward to him
coming to the Deanery from 7-10 January. We also look forward
to following his example and Christ’s commands to us more
actively in the coming year.
Yours sincerely
St John Harris
Deanery Synod Secretary for Deanery Standing Committee


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