Mission Project – support needed!!

Fr Terry is a Vicar servicing two parishes in part of the most deprived and challenging areas of Middlesbrough: St John  the Evangelist in South Bank and St Thomas the apostle in Brambles Farm. St Thomas’ church building was demolished ten years ago, so the parish which serves the communities of Brambles Farm, Town Farm, Thorntree  and Pallister Park has no place of worship.

In an attempt to engage with these communities and provide a visible presence and meet a spiritual need Fr Terry has come up with an imaginative mission project which he is currently fund-raising for and is seeking donations and sponsorship to fulfil this ambition. His plan is to buy a specially converted 3 wheel coffee van which will be body wrapped with an image of water flowing through cupped hands and the quote “If anyone thirsts let him come to me and drink”. He intends parking this vehicle in various locations and offering free espresso coffee. He will use the four minutes it takes to prepare the coffee to engage in conversation with people in these communities and serve their coffee in cups printed with ‘Given in God’s love’. Although this is a huge mount to raise he remains hopeful that he can find 7000 Christian people to donate five pounds each to raise the 35,000 pounds it would take to buy the van and run it for three years as an example of God’s loving generosity.

From our position of relative affluence and comfort, I though it would be an admirable project for us to get behind and make a huge impact in these urban communities.. I have already started the ball rolling with a personal donation of 50 pound, and I will be bringing this to our services for the next few weeks. Once that it complete I will be asking the Benefice Council to match whatever we raised make this donation on behalf of the People of this Benefice to this imaginative mission project.

Please help me to show God’s generous love.

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To make a donation online please select your Parochial Church Council and follow the instructions:

Hutton Buscel PCC 

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 – Brompton PCC


Thank you for providing the resources to enable us to continue our work in the local community and to maintain our much loved historic buildings and grounds.